Fundraising Opportunities

discover_scuba_diving_01Are you looking for a new fundraiser for your swim team, school or group?

Contact Captain Ron’s Diving, LLC about Discover Scuba Diving.

This course will allow participants to experience their first breath underwater and find out more about what it takes to become an Open Water Diver while raising funds in a unique and interesting way.

The fun begins with a short program on the basic rules of scuba diving. Then you will get suited up with scuba equipment, and enter the shallow end of a pool. Capt. Ron and his crew will teach you basic skills as you take your first breath underwater. When you begin to feel confident and excited about your new skills, we enter the deeper end of the pool, for more fun.

At the end of the Discover Scuba Diving, you will have a better understanding of scuba diving and will be ready to take your next steps in becoming a certified Open Water Diver.

Contact Captain Ron for pricing and availability for your fundraising event!