Scuba Refresher

DCIM100MICROThe PADI Refresher course is designed for currently certified dives that have been away from the water for a while or a student diver that needs a refresher to continue their training. A  Refresher is an excellent way to re-familiarize yourself with your equipment, skills, and knowledge. This half-day refresher will prepare you to continue your underwater adventures in no time.

It is recommended that you take a Scuba Refresher prior to diving if you have been out of the water for more than six months or anytime you feel your skills are a little rusty.

Course Overview 

The Scuba Refresher course lasts 2-4 hours, starting with a short safety refresher that covers the information that you learned during your initial training.  Then, we suit up and head to the water to practice the fundamental scuba skills under the supervision and support of Capt. Ron.  After your Scuba Refresher you’ll be prepared to get back into diving or continue your dive education. 

Materials and Course Cost

 $95.00 Plus $16.00 for Guidebook


Hold a scuba certification or be enrolled in a scuba certification course

Minimum age: 10 years old


At a minimum, you need to own your own mask, snorkel, fins and booties.  Captain Ron’s Diving will provide the other equipment you need to complete your course, as part of the course cost.


Scuba Reviews are available by appointment please contact me at to make arrangements. Capt. Ron will do his best to accommodate your schedule.