Open Water/Advanced Open Water Combo

                                 OPEN WATER SCUBA DIVING and ADVANCED OPEN WATER        

Combined low price of $600.00



The Open Water Diver course is a performance-based program. The course is divided in to three parts,  Academics (self-study), Confined Water Skills (training in the pool) and Certification Dives (Dutch Springs).  The certification dives help you put all of the training together and receive your Open Water Certification.

The Self-Study method and textbook review allows you to learn at your own pace at home.  This method limits the classroom time, and gives you more time in the pool learning the basic skills of scuba.  In the Pool, you will learn the basic skills and practice them until you are able to perform each skill with comfort and confidence.  Here you will breath underwater for the first time and learn what you need to know to become a safe certified diver.  Finally, you will complete your Certification Dives in open water. You will be demonstrating your abilities and skills during four open water dives conducted over two or more days.  Captain Ron conducts the open water certification dives  at Dutch Springs,, near Bethlehem,PA.12118816_899545663466053_3305999980842469802_n

All equipment rentals and your permanent photo certification ID card are included in the class fee. You will need to pay the entrance fee to Dutch Springs each day, two air fills and provide your lunch. Capt. Ron will take care of all the rest!

 All Open Water Scuba Courses include Peak Performance Buoyancy Certification               


The course includes self-study and open water dives at Dutch Springs. The open water sessions are comprised of five dives. Two of the five dives are the Deep Dive and the Navigation Dive. These dives will introduce you to new skills that will boost your confidence and abilities as a diver.  The other three dives will introduce you to different types of environments and specialized skills. These dives will be determined by the student and Captain Ron from the following list: Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Search and Recovery Diving or Boat Diving. The dive sessions will be conducted over two days at Dutch Springs.

The Advanced Open Water course requires your own equipment or you can rent your equipment.  Contact Captain Ron to discuss equipment needs from beginner divers to tech divers, and for a full range of budgets.  If you need rental gear Captain Ron can assist you with that as well.

You will also need to purchase your own Surface Marker and Signaling Whistle as well as a Slate, Finger Spool 160’, Dive Light, and Dive Knife.  All of these items we be discussed the first night of class.

Payable in two convenient payments – $300.00 to receive books and complete Open Water Certification – $300.00 balance due within 14 days of Open Water Certification prior to Advanced Dives. 

All classes must be completed by the end of summer for special price.

Certification with Captain Ron’s Diving, LLC includes a donation in your name to help support Project Aware!