Open Water Scuba

d5Getting Started on your Diving Adventure

The PADI Open Water Diver Course is the most recognized certification in the world, opening up a whole new world of underwater exploration and adventure. This PADI course provides new divers with the knowledge and training to safely explore our exciting underwater world.

The Open Water Diver course is a performance-based program; it allows students to progress at their own pace. The course is divided in to three parts.  First is the academics: we use a combination of classroom/self-study to limit the amount of time  spent sitting in class. The second part of the training is the pool skills: learning the basic water skills and building confidence in your abilities. The third part of the course is the open water instruction and checkout dives: here you put all of the training together

Course Outline

Capt. Ron’s, Self-study/classroom setting is fun and relaxing.  By using the Self-study method and textbook review, you can learn at your own pace at home.  This method limits the classroom time, and gives more time in the pool learning the basic skills of scuba.

c1The second part of your training, dare I say,” The fun part” is the actual water skills. In the pool, you will learn the basic skills and will practice them until you are able to perform each skill with comfort and confidence.  Here you will breath underwater for the first time (something you’ll never forget) and learn what you need to know to become a safe certified diver. During the course, you will make at least five pool dives under close supervision of Capt. Ron and his crew of Dive Masters.

Capt. Ron uses the facilities and pool at a local scuba shop.


Capt. Ron also offers eLearning, an internet based academic program that you can complete anywhere you can get an internet connection. Once you have completed the course, we will review the material with you. This is to make sure you have a complete understanding of the course and then we will proceed with the pool sessions.

If you would like to use eLearning please contact me at

Open Water Certification Dives 

The third part of your scuba training is the certification dives in open water. You will be demonstrating your abilities and skills through four open water dives conducted over two or more days.  We will schedule your Open Water Certification Dives for the weekend after you have completed your academics and pool sessions.  The knowledge will be fresh in your mind and keeps you on your way to being a certified diver.


Local Open Water: The most convenient way for most divers to complete the open water certification dives is to join me for a weekend of diving at Dutch Springs,, near Bethlehem,PA either the weekend following your training or on one of the other regularly scheduled weekends throughout the spring, summer or fall.  All equipment rentals and your permanent photo certification ID card are included in the fee. You will need to pay the entrance fee to Dutch Springs each day, two air fills and provide your lunch. Capt. Ron will take care of all the rest!

Certification with Captain Ron’s Diving, LLC includes a donation in your name to help support Project Aware!

Letter of Referral: As a PADI Open Water Diver in training your Certification Dives can be performed at any PADI dive facility in the world by a referral.  You will receive a letter of introduction to your next instructor.

Flexible Scheduling and Private Lessons

Capt. Ron understands busy hectic lives and schedules, so we offer you the ability to be flexible with the weekends. If you are signed up for a weekend and something comes up, please give me 24 hours advanced notice.  I am willing to reschedule you for another day at your convenience.

If the flexibility of eLearning, or changing between scheduled classes and certification weekends still does not work for you, private lessons can be arranged. Please contact me at we will do our best to work with you in making a new schedule.


Prerequisite to becoming a PADI Open Water Diver is the ability to swim non stop 200 yards, tread water for 10 minutes, and your desire to explore the underwater world.

Materials and Course Cost

 All Class Prices include official PADI manual, pool skills, certification dives, gear 

and certification card! 

$475.00  Traditional Learning **  (payable in three easy payments)

$675.00  e-Learning

All Open Water Scuba Courses include Peak Performance Buoyancy Certification

** This does not include your admission to Dutch Springs for two (2) days of open water skills and certification dives. (save time and  purchase tickets online prior to arrival at

No Hidden Fees


At a minimum, you need to own your own mask, snorkel, fins and booties.  The other  equipment you need to complete your course, is part of the course cost. You are not required to purchase any additional equipment. We do think it best for each student to eventually own, his or her own dive equipment once you become certified.


You must register prior to the first night of class. To register please contact Captain Ron at

Weeknight classes (6:00 PM to 9:00 PM) require five days due to time limitations.

Weekend classes require a Friday night (6:00 PM to 9:00 PM) and all day Saturday and Sunday (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Weeknight Confined Pool Skills (Each session is the required five classes)


Weekend Confined Pool Skills (Each session is the required three classes)


Open Water Certification Dates (Dutch Springs 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)


Once you graduate the PADI Open Water Diver Course, it is time to explore.  Capt. Ron’s Diving and Northeast Scuba Supply will still be there ready to assist you in exploring this new and exciting world.

As a certified diver, You will become part of Clan MacDiver and your name will be added to the Clans email list, letting you know about upcoming dive adventures. This is a great way for you to come and practice your dive skills and meet new Dive Buddies. Our email list will also keep you informed about upcoming courses you should be taking.  You can also “Like” us on Facebook.

For the 3 months after you graduate, you will receive a Student Diver Gear Package rental discount at the scuba supply store where the confined water classes are taught.

Are you ready to get started on your underwater journey.

If you have questions please, contact me at