Advanced Open Water


Capt. Ron’s Diving, LLC offers the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course. This is a perfect way to continue your diving education and gain a more in-depth look at diving.  This course will introduce you to of a variety of specialty diving activities and skills. Once you have completed this course, you will be a more comfortable and confident diver.  With these new skills and confidence, you will be ready to take on a variety new diving adventures. We recommend taking this course immediately following, or shortly after, completing your open water training dives.

Course Outline

The course includes classroom time and open water dives; the classroom sessions take place at the local scuba supply store and at the water’s edge at Dutch Springs. The open water sessions are comprised of five dives. Two of the five dives are the Deep Dive and the Navigation Dive. These dives will introduce you to new skills that will boost your confidence and abilities as a diver.  The other three dives will introduce you to different types of environments and specialized skills. These dives will be determined by the student and Capt. Ron from the following list: Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Search and Recovery Diving or Boat Diving. The dive sessions will be conducted over two days at Dutch Springs or combined with a dive off the New Jersey shore aboard the dive charter boat, Tuna Seizure, for a taste of salt water and local adventure.

Flexible Scheduling and Private Lessons

Capt. Ron understands busy lives and schedules, so we offer you the ability to be flexible with the weekends. If you are signed up for a weekend course and something comes up, this is not a problem. Please give me 24 hours advanced notice.  I will reschedule you into another class or set up another day for you.

If the flexibility of changing between scheduled classes and Certification weekends still does not work for you we can arrange private lessons. Please contact me at we will do our best to work with you in making a new schedule.


A PADI Open Water Certification or the equivalent level of training from a recognized Scuba training agency


For the Advanced Open Water course, you will need to have your own equipment or rent your equipment.  Contact Captain Ron to discuss equipment needs from beginner divers to tech divers, and for a full range of budgets.  If you need rental gear Captain Ron can assist you with that as well.

You will also need to purchase your own Surface Marker and Signaling Whistle as well as a Slate, Finger Spool 160’, Dive Light, and Dive Knife.  All of these items we be discussed the first night of class.

Materials and Course Cost

$200.00 *

* Includes PADI Advanced Open Water Manual and Dive Slates Crew Pack

        All Class Prices include official PADI manual and certification card!                



Upcoming Classes


You must register for class prior to the first night of class.  To register please contact Captain Ron at

Certification with Captain Ron’s Diving, LLC includes a donation in your name to help support Project Aware!

After you become certified

Once you graduate the PADI Advanced Open Water Course, it is time to explore.  Capt. Ron’s Diving will still be there ready to assist you in exploring this new and exciting underwater world.

As a certified diver, your name will be added to Capt. Ron’s Divers email list, letting you know about upcoming dive adventures. This is a great way for you to come and practice your dive skills and meet new Dive Buddies. Our email list will also keep you informed about upcoming courses you should be taking.                                                                                                                         

Are you ready to continue your scuba adventure and education?

If you have questions please, contact me at