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** We offer weeknight and weekend classes, keeping them small so you learn at your own pace on your schedule **

70% of the world is covered in water.  This is the last great frontier.

Learn to explore this amazing world through scuba diving!  We can show you the beauty of the ocean and its creatures.  Come face to face with a sea turtle and watch a clown fish play on a coral reef.  Join Captain Ron and his Crew on your journey to become a scuba diver.  Experience exotic places and explore the things that interest you; whether mysterious sunken treasures or extravagant coral reefs. We will teach you the things you’ll need to know to have fun while safely exploring the underwater world.

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Capt. Ron teaches PADI courses, the world’s most popular scuba course. These courses have started millions diving for an adventure that lasts a lifetime.

All Class Prices include official PADI manual and certification card! 

Learn the skills necessary to safely explore the water while contributing to the preservation and longevity of the creatures you encounter. Captain Ron’s Diving is a supporter of Project Aware and is a 100% Aware Business, donating to Project Aware for each student certified.

Where will your adventure take you?  We Hope to see you diving soon!

Captain Ron

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